Tap Away Your Betrayal Trauma & Triggers

With Sal Harper

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After experiencing betrayal trauma herself, Sal gathered her own resources and created a trauma-informed, holistic methodology to support women in recovery from infidelity, betrayal and their spouse’s pornography addiction. With a body-mind-spirit approach, Sal reiterates the usefulness of “Tapping”, her favorite modality to help release trauma emotional triggers and stuck energy. It’s great to see these modalities being reiterated by multiple speakers! 

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About Sal Harper

Sal Harper is an Infidelity Recovery Specialist who experienced “crisis” in her own marriage. She experienced first-hand the lies, deceit, and emotional trauma that infidelity, pornography and sexual addiction took in her own marriage. Sal suffered in silence, as many others do, not knowing who or where to turn for guidance.

When a colleague recognized the patterns of porn addiction in her relationship, she recommended a therapist who could help Sal treat her pain through a very specialized process.

Today, Sal teaches that unique method and is passionate in helping others overcome infidelity through one-on-one coaching, local and online support groups and a private training program that enables women to move through their pain FASTER in order to create a healthier, happier, and more abundant life. 

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  1. Becky Johnson

    I received Sal’s Mind Map, but I cannot find the episode on her website that she mentioned.


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