Richa Badami

Continuing in the spirit of inquiry, I decided to “bring it home” by interviewing patient zero, me. There was a time I didn’t believe or trust that any of the healing I had with my father was even true. I felt like an imposter and I had not met too many people who had my experience. In fact, it felt like I was expected to stay angry, mad and not forgive. However that really wasn’t the case for me. I found a way of transforming and transmuting the emotional charge that my trauma once had in my body, mind and spirit. As I conclude the series in this video, I feel like the scales are shedding and I am at the precipice of a new dawn to explore the Divine Feminine in me and come out into my own fully embodying all that I am. Thank you for being a “witness” and accompanying me on this incredible journey.

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Richa Badami is a Transformation Catalyst and Spiritual Guide to her clients and students. Overcoming abuse and trauma as a child growing up in India, Richa committed to a life of meditation and transformation practices to support her self-healing and recovery. She turned the lessons learned into guidance that today helps others discover who they truly are. She is also a Reiki Master, energy healer, intuitive, and trauma-informed, partner-sensitive, betrayal trauma specialist and life coach.

Richa helps people heal from within and find lasting freedom from what has been holding them back, to consciously create a body, mind and spirit they truly desire. Learn more at to experience one of Richa’s guided meditations and get started on your journey of transformation today.