Army Vet Surviving And Thriving After Multiple Traumas

With Annette Whittenberger

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Both a US Army Veteran and military spouse, Annette experienced traumas in childhood, adulthood, as well as her 17 year U.S. military career. In our conversation, Annette shares the best practices that have helped her in healing and thriving despite the multiple traumas she faced. Not only has she turned her life around, she has created a platform to serve those who need it the most!

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About Annette Whittenberger

Annette is a military spouse of almost 22 years, mother to two teenagers (college junior and high school senior) and veteran who served in the Army  for over seventeen years  as a Chemical officer including a deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan. 

She retired and decided to become an Entrepreneur  to be able to make up for lost time with her children. Since her retirement she has PCSd from Fort Polk, LA to Fairfax , VA to support her husband’s military career. 

Her blog A Wild Ride Called Life ®, LLC. incorporates stories from her post military life in which she shares how she lives life as being a mom and military spouse living with PTSD, anxiety and depression. 

Along with writing, she also hosts a Podcast titled “The Truths We Hide” in which not only does she share her story, but she also has guests who share theirs and offers advice to others to help them know that they are not alone.  

Annette is a mentor for veterans on Veterati and for military spouses on Ementor. Annette also has a passion for volunteering. She volunteers  as a mentor for TAPS, Tragedy assistance Program for children survivors, The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Trauma Survivors Network. 

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  1. Carol Sloan

    Thank you Annette, I am so grateful to have listened to your interview. Namaste

  2. Ally

    Thank you Annette (and for your service) & Richa for the information and inspiration


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