Paul Cook

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15 years ago Paul Cook made it a lifelong mission to share his experience and deeply tested philosophy of recovery to tens of thousands as a speaker, author, sober coach and radio and TV personality. Along with his unrelenting approach, Paul’s popular book, Cooked in LA, has garnered various accolades including the “Gateway Award” from the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse.

Cooked in LA details three years of Paul’s life working in the broadcasting industry while dealing with a substance abuse problem driven by anxiety and depression. Booklist called it “Eye-opening!” And STL Magazine said “Paul’s celebrity encounters with Nicole Kidman, Sean Penn, and Ryan Seacrest are surprising fun!”

“For almost two decades I have studied the thinking, consequences, family and psychology of addiction, but only in the past 5 years have I come to realize the great effect personal trauma has always played in causing addiction.” Said Cook.

“And I now believe, the self medication of personal trauma plays just as big a factor in creating addiction as any hereditary trait can,” says Paul.

Paul Cook now lives in St. Louis, Missouri with his wife and two teenage girls. When not hosting his highly rated radio show, he offers support to PTSD survivors as an “expert companion” - a term coined by pioneering Doctors Tedeschi and Calhoun and in 1992. He also speaks to groups about solutions to the conditions described above.


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