Pat Armitstead

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Pat is at the forefront of Transforming Individual and Workplace Wellbeing, presenting over 1000 keynotes internationally and facilitating Workplace Wellbeing Programs to corporate leaders and executives. She works with leaders, event managers, organisations, teams and individuals to develop conscious, courageous and empathic leaders.  

As a conscious leader, Pat Armitstead poses the question "Will this be the year we will rehumanise the workplace?" In 2005 Pat predicted in 2020 we will be having an Intimacy Revolution", and here it is in our midst!

Referred to as “Australasias answer to Patch Adams “ Pat is the epitomy of good humour, unwavering positivity and creativity.  She has a rare capacity to meld her creativity and compassion to champion the human spirit leading people to find joy where it appeared there was none.  

Her unique personal perspectives, traumatic past, repeated losses and eventual mastery as a Multi Award Winning Speaker, TV and Radio Host and Exhibiting Artist are a rare combination of talents. A master storyteller she combines Positive Psychology principles, Emotional Intelligence, and Neuroscience with real human experiences to bring understanding and meaning to life events.  

Pat has transformed 1000’s of lives through her events, and her multi award winning radio program which was honoured with a Civic Mayoral Reception for its contribution to the countries wellbeing. She prides herself on being able to create high trust environments very quickly and to create the space for safe, vulnerable sharing.,

Pat says "You cant lift your bottom line if people are down" and with emotional and conversational intelligence we can influence and reduce the current incidence of stress related illness, anxiety, depression and suicide ideation .


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