Lindsey Vertner

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In 2007, a “fatal” car wreck had multiple medics pronouncing Lindsey brain dead and paralyzed. Battling to live, Lindsey acquired a rare outlook on life that guides her work as an award-winning peak potential strategist, transformational speaker, and 2x Amazon #1 best-selling author. Founder of Lindsey Vertner Global, she’s devoted to teaching female entrepreneurs and ambitious leaders how to master their mindset. Her mission is to teach women around the world how to create their First Class Life™ full of purpose, fulfillment, and happiness. Lindsey is the co-founder of The Unleashed Woman – a nonprofit organization that uplifts women of all backgrounds through national empowerment and networking events.

As a “Speaker Rising Star of the Year Award” nominee at the prestigious SpeakerCon in Washington, DC, Lindsey challenges and encourages audiences to lean in and take action immediately. At conferences, events, and corporate workshops, Lindsey serves by speaking life into others by utilizing her inspirational experiences to provide practical and actionable tips. She guides listeners through finding the purpose in their pain and turning their breakdown into a breakthrough.

Lindsey’s expertise centers on overcoming obstacles, work-life balance, and the “3 Pillars of Self”. The “3 Pillars of Self” is a methodology uniquely created by Lindsey that focuses on self-care, self-worth, and self-discipline and how each of these three areas affects our personal and professional lives at a subconscious level. With a master’s in Professional Counseling & Coaching, Lindsey is a graduate of both Indiana and Liberty Universities. Connect with her at


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