Donna Tosky

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Donna Tosky, Couple’s Communication Specialist

“My ex-husband and I were both good people. Why did it end so badly? What did I miss?”  When Donna Tosky’s 14 year marriage came to an end, she had a burning desire to help other couples avoid the frustration and pain that she experienced. 

Donna has devoted the past 15 years of her life showing 100's of couples how to repair, renew and sustain a fulfilling connection through a unique model of communication that she calls the ""SPARK Communication Success System for Couples"".  She does this In her unique in person retreats and online programs.
Donna also practices Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping) to help free her clients from deeper emotional issues and to get them back to a place of ease and joy within themselves and their relationships.

“Donna has an ability that not a lot of people have. She's able to make sense in all sorts of ways. I believe it’s a gift and I feel lucky that we got the opportunity to work with you.” -Stacy Trodden

“Donna is truly gifted at what she does.“ - Belinda Osborne 



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