The Merits Of Misfortune And Missteps

With Catherine Bosley

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Catherine’s life changed overnight when an innocent and playful activity, caught on video, went viral in a bad way! In this interview she shares that horrifying lived experience, turned cautionary tale, to help us understand the downside of technology and how online behaviors can cause trauma, and how to take those past experiences and make them count.

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About Catherine Bosley

Catherine Bosley is an Associated Press Award winning and Emmy award nominated TV anchor and reporter. That includes thirty years of on-camera and public speaking experience, with powerful and thought-provoking messages to share with the world.   

She’s known for her “down-to-earth” style, authenticity and versatility. Her presentations captivate and enlighten by drawing on her own life-changing, cautionary, yet inspirational tale, that got her invited to appear on shows like Good Morning America, Inside Edition and Oprah.

Armed with unique insight, Catherine’s programs empower others with new perspective, technique and tools to take on some of today’s most pressing personal and professional challenges with renewed resilience. From her keynote speeches and break-out sessions, brimming with foresight and motivation, to her workshops and individual presentation/on-camera coaching sessions, her guidance proves to be a “game-changer” on several levels.    


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