Miracle At Sea

With Brett Archibald

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During this interview, I could feel my heart pound, as Brett described getting overthrown off the boat in the middle of the Indian Ocean, 100 kilometers out to sea on a wild and stormy night. He spent the next 28 and a half hours fighting for his survival to get back to his wife and children. Wanting to give up again and again, with ships and boats passing him by, a force greater than him keeps him alive until he is rescued. A story like you have never heard before!

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About Brett Archibald

Hailed as the miracle surfing survivor, South African born Brett Archibald’s account of the experience that changed his life forms the backbone of an amazing story that began when he went on a surfing trip to Indonesia with a group of childhood friends.

Having fallen overboard unconscious off a surf charter boat in the middle of a stormy night, being stung by jellyfish, eaten by small fish, attacked by seagulls, hit by a shark plus surviving the ordeal of swimming for 28.5 hours alone in the Mentawai Straits in the Indian Ocean, Brett Archibald experienced and lived to tell the tale of a trauma few others have.


  1. Angelika

    Such a moving story. Thanks so much Brett for living and sharing this. Pure awe.

    • Richa Badami

      Absolutely!!! I was in such awe myself throughout the interview…so incredible. Thank you Angelika for your comment.

  2. Susanne

    Wow, I don’t know what to say. Your experience stretched my understanding of when giving up is acceptable and maybe even natural. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I will remember this when I want to give up. All the best and many blessings to you and your family!

    • Richa Badami

      Oh Susanne, I love how you worded that – “stretched my understanding of when giving up is acceptable and maybe even natural” – I can absolutely relate to that!! I felt that while interviewing Brett too. When the boats and ships kept passing him by, I wanted to scream and wave my hands trying to catch their attention!! Such an important lesson to remember – NEVER GIVE UP!!!

  3. Sudhir Ahuja

    The universe has used you to express the divine. Our scripture says “Chareveti- chareveti” meaning ” Keep walking- keep walking”. This message is as old as the universe. No pandemic has been able to stall the universe. You inspire and would continue to inspire generations to come. Bless you and your loved ones ( the universe ).

    • Richa Badami

      Nicely said! Brett’s life is a real example of “never give up”. Thank you for leaving your reflections here and for being part of this series, both as attendee and interviewee!


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