Reclaiming Our Creative Prowess

With Ally Markotich

Ally Markotich is on a quest to kindle your inner spark and intuitive power so you can see that who you are is truly sacred and creative. She teaches Intentional Creativity, a profound tool to explore and experience a deep love of self and a confidence in your daily path. Her approach and style of art requires absolutely no experience as an artist (I can attest to that), and is sure to awaken your senses and innate creative prowess. You will be amazed at how much wisdom you have within you!

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About Ally Markotich

Ally is passionate about kindling the creative flame that lives within each of us. She’s an artist, poet and Intentional Creativity® teacher who is trained in Spiritual Formation. Ally is the creator of Soul Kindling LLC, a portable sanctuary designed to awaken participants to their inner well of wisdom. She invites participants to a table of spiritual practice to claim sacred identity, re-member creative prowess and ignite fresh vision for their lives with paint, imagination and inquiry as the tools. Her guidance leads women and men to walk their path with renewed perspective and clearer purpose. An advocate for feminine leadership, Ally leads gatherings that uplift belonging, ritual, celebration and individual voice as imperative elements of the whole. Her art has been shown at Harrington Center (Columbia Theological Seminary), Moore County Fine Arts Festival (NC) and Litmus Gallery (Raleigh, NC). You can find her art, workshops and musings at


  1. Tanis

    I am so happy to meet you both!

    Thank you Richa! What you are doing here is true and real and inspiring and so full of love and strength and clarity and compassion! I am so grateful!

    Ally! Hooray! I have begun weaving you into my life and into my daughter’s life, as well, and you have helped us both so much already! Thank you for following your heart and supporting us to follow ours!

    • Ally Markotich

      Hi Tanis! Wonderful! I’m thrilled to be part of your and your daughter’s journey to creative healing. Blessings to you both as you follow your hearts!

    • Richa Badami

      Hi Tanis!! This is so good!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful reflections and kind words. Ally is absolutely wonderful, and I am so glad we were able to make this happen for the benefit of all. It is lovely to hear that you have begun “weaving” this sacred work into your and your daughters life. So so good!

  2. Karo

    Hello! <3
    Beautiful amazing talk with so beautiful insights. I am super inspired to join some of your workshops and do something in that direction.
    I have been doing a workshop online with Flora Bowley, I quit enjoyed it but I was still having the trouble of looking to find a good outcome. I feel like your approach of creativity from intuition is leading me more to my insight and my truth. So looking forward to try more. What an amazing little practice, I so much loved that. So "small" and so powerful! Could be a nice idea to offer little creative meditations for example over insight timer or directly over your website 🙂

    My "insights" from the practice:
    1. Eye – all is perfect how it is, the "outside" is not as real as the shine from the "inner", allow the real, the authentic to come through
    2. Hand on Heart – Hands hold energy, Touch with intention then you can bring all to life. You have your power in your hands
    3. My heart tells me to trust, to allow what is coming, to see the connections, to allow to feel, to allow to open up truly

    thanks so much to the both of you!


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